The Abcs Of Probation: Understanding Your Fate


If you have been put on probation, the intention of the justice system is to both punish and observe you. The ultimate goal of the punishment is to ensure that you will be able to act as a contributing member of society, even when you are no longer under supervision of a probation officer. Understanding the basic components of probation will help to ensure that you are able to re-enter mainstream society smoothly.

29 September 2015

4 Factors That Are Considered When Determining A Criminal Sentence


When you are found guilty of committing a crime, the next step will be to determine what kind of sentence you will receive. If you are not working with an attorney, you may be stressing out about the unknown, since you have no idea what you can expect. There is not a specific punishment related to a specific crime, as the judge has some leeway to decide on your sentence. Here are 4 factors that will play into what your sentence will be.

24 September 2015