The Best Way To Handle A First Time DUI Charge In Court


While driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol should never occur, it does happen frequently all over the country. Fortunately, getting pulled over for a DUI or DWI does not have to be a repeated offense.  By taking responsibility for the crime you have committed, you may find the punishment is not as severe as you had expected. This is the best way to handle a first time DUI charge in court.

Admit Your Guilt

At the time you are stopped by the police, you will be given a test to determine if you are driving under the influence. This may include checking to see if your pupils are dilated, making you attempt to walk a straight line, and giving you a breathalyzer test that measures the level of alcohol in your breath.

The results of these tests are going to be used as evidence against you. If you failed one or more of the tests, it is best to just admit you were under the influence. It will be your word against the arresting officer's word, and the judge is not going to believe you when the test results are right in front of him. 

Show Some Remorse 

Driving under the influence is a serious offense. Not only is driving drunk or while using mind-altering drugs dangerous to the driver and anyone in the vehicle with them, but it is also just as dangerous to all other drivers or pedestrians in the same area the person is driving through.

Once you are sober and can think clearly, imagine what could have happened if an automobile accident had occurred. Then be ready to express how remorseful you are in court and do your best to convince the judge this will never happen again.

Be Willing To Go To Rehab 

In some first offense DUI cases, the judge may be willing to allow the offender to avoid jail time by attending a treatment program to help them get and stay sober. If you are truly remorseful of your actions and have no intentions of ever driving under the influence again, you should be willing to go to a treatment program. Once the treatment is completed, you may also have these charges removed from your permanent records, which can be very beneficial to your future.

The way you handle yourself in court can make a huge difference in the end results of your case. Instead of letting your first DUI charge lead you down a crooked road to becoming a repeat offender, use it as a learning experience that keeps you on the right path. For more help with your case, work with a DUI or DWI attorney


22 November 2019

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