Criminal Charges: Situations When Professional Legal Representation Is Crucial


When you're arrested for a crime, the prosecution will do everything possible to prove they had a justifiable reason to arrest you. Because of that, things get complicated for criminal suspects after an arrest. So when you face such a situation, you must secure your freedom as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer can help you achieve this through their legal expertise. This article looks at situations when professional legal representation is necessary. 

You're a First-Time Offender

Often, judges hand first-time offenders harsh penalties to discourage them from repeating the mistakes. Because of that, it is imperative to work with a criminal defense lawyer when facing a first-time criminal charge. They will guide you through the process to ensure that you don't do anything that may hurt your case. Besides that, your legal advisor will prepare strong defenses to make sure that the case does not damage your reputation. So, with the help of your lawyer, you won't lose an opportunity of getting a job or enrolling in an educational institution in the future.

Your Actions Were Not Intentional

Your crime could have been purely accidental, and you might want to prove this to the judge. However, you should expect a heated court battle with the state attorney as they try to prove that you're a criminal. The best way to counter their evidence is by raising arguments to prove that the prosecutor wrongly misinterpreted your claim. Your legal advisor will provide information showing that you didn't intend to commit the crime. As a result, the judge might offer you a lenient judgment or dismiss your case altogether.

Your Case Evokes Community Pressure

If your crime goes against society's values, activists and the public might elicit harsh reactions and order the court to hand you a harsh judgment. The jury might feel obliged to hand you a lengthy jail sentence to appease the public. It would be best to have a professional legal practitioner when faced with a situation. Your attorney will ensure that the judge does not yield to pressure or make an erroneous ruling. They will provide evidence and use the Constitution to prove that your crime does not deserve a harsh judgment. 

The situations above are hard to navigate without the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Therefore, you may consider hiring one to prove your innocence when charged with a crime. They will build a strong defense to convince the judge that your offense doesn't deserve a harsh penalty. 

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13 May 2022

take a lawyer to criminal court

Until marijuana is legalized in every state, there will be courtrooms filled with those who are deemed criminals for possessing and using it. If you have been charged with the possession and use of marijuana, you need an attorney. Having gone through this with my son, I know that the courts are not pleased with these charges and things don't always turn out well. This blog will show you several examples of what can happen if you go to court for criminal charges without having an attorney working on your side to protect your rights and reduce the consequences as much as possible.