4 Top Mistakes That Could Weaken Your Criminal Defense


One of the most challenging things you can face is being charged with a crime. The experience is frustrating, and you will likely make mistakes that affect your case. However, it is vital to maintain your credibility if you wish to have your case dismissed. So, take the time to learn some common mistakes people make that weaken their defense and avoid them. The article highlights some errors to avoid when dealing with a personal criminal defense case.

1. Answering the Police Questions

Never talk to the police without an attorney by your side. After your arrest, invoke your right to remain silent and ask to call your legal counsel. During this time, don't say a word until the lawyer arrives.

The problem is that most people panic and take part in voluntary interviews. Therefore, they end up saying a lot of things in their frustrations and ruin their defense. Keep in mind that the police are not there to help you but to build a case against you. So, they can manipulate you and twist your words out of context.

2. Contacting the Victim to Your Case

Most people think that learning who has accused them of a crime and talking to them will help change their minds. However, a discussion with the victim will not clear the air but help build a stronger case against you. The police might start claiming that you are intimidating the potential witness to prevent them from testifying against you. Additionally, be careful when the victim tries to contact you. They might be working with law enforcement to get your statement.

3. Posting on Social Media

In this era, almost everyone has a social media account. People share a lot about their life on social media. You might also be tempted to share details about your criminal accusations online. But it is advisable to stay away from posting anything related to your case online. In fact, it is best to stay away from social media until your case is dropped. This is because the police can change any funny post or pictures and use them against you.

4. Resisting Arrest From the Police

One thing that could make your situation worse is running away from the police. That one act already makes you look guilty. Instead, remain calm when the law enforcers approach you. Allow the police to arrest you and try your best to silent.

Dealing with a personal criminal law is not easy. Therefore, there is a high chance of doing something that affects your case without realizing it. Ensure you hire a criminal defense lawyer to handle your case as soon as you are arrested. That way, they can let you know what to say and do to help strengthen your defense. 


16 February 2021

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