Common Hygiene Items That Can Skew Your DWI Test And Result In A Ticket You Should Fight


While you may have been pulled over for any one of several reasons, you may not have deserved a DWI ticket. There are actually some common hygiene or medication items that can cause false positive results on a DWI/DUI test. If you think that something of this sort applies to your situation, be sure to discuss the following with your DWI attorney. Under these circumstances, you should fight the ticket, charges and other potential punishments.

Mouthwash with Concentrated Amounts of Alcohol 

Mouthwash, especially medicated mouthwash, frequently has a concentrated amount of alcohol in it. If you use mouthwash right before you drive, and you get pulled over and asked to take a breathalyzer, you just might fail. This is due to the fact that the breathalyzer instrument does not discern between different types of alcohol (e.g., the medicinal kind and the drinkable kind). To eliminate any problems, and help your lawyer establish that you were not intoxicated when you were pulled over, you should have taken a blood test. Some states now require that the arresting police officer offers you the chance to have your blood tested for alcohol, while others require it to rule out the mouthwash vs. liquor issue.

Adult Cough Syrup

Adults' cough syrup is notorious for containing alcohol because it aids in faster absorption of the medicines in the mixture. The alcohol is also warm and soothing to an irritated throat and painful chest. If you had just taken a dose (or two) of cough syrup before getting into your vehicle, and you were pulled over almost immediately after that and asked to take a breathalyzer test, it could skew the results.  

The alcohol content in the cough syrup would register (albeit probably very small) and you could face DWI charges. If you can, supply your lawyer with the bottle of cough syrup from which you took the dose(s) that lead to your DWI charges. Your lawyer will need to see the brand and check the label if he or she is to use it in your defense (i.e., the breathalyzer test results match the amount/percentage of alcohol in the cough syrup).

Questions Regarding Anything Else You Might Have Used or Taken

If you think that any other hygiene item could have been the culprit of your DWI charges, be sure to ask your DWI attonrey about them. Not only are you alerting your lawyer to the fact that there may have been other factors in play with your case, but you are also requesting that he or she look into certain products that could have caused your current situation. In any case, if your DWI results were skewed because of something that was not a drink but a hygiene product, that is a ticket and/or punishment you should fight.


11 June 2016

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