How A Drug Defense Attorney Might Help You


If you have recently found yourself facing drug charges, it is imperative that you begin to think about your next step. While you do have the option to represent yourself, you might have the best chances of success, both legally and personally, if you hire a drug defense attorney. To help understand how this could be, you will want to take a few minutes to review the following points.

Can Help Negotiate A More Productive Deal

Should you find that you are going to plead guilty to the charges or want to be prepared just in case the judge finds you guilty, you will want to think about getting a beneficial deal. Your drug defense attorney might be able to get the court to agree to let you out of certain jail time if you attend and complete a drug program. Depending on the exact charge, the seriousness of the charge, and your personal situation with addiction, you might agree to attend a residential treatment program, partial hospitalization programs, or narcotics anonymous meetings instead of simply going straight to jail. This will not only allow the courts to impose a punishment for you, but it is a type of punishment through the legal system that will be personally beneficial to you.

Tries To Get Some Charges Dropped If Possible

In some cases, the district attorney will try to slap as many charges as possible on the person that they are trying to convict. There are a few reasons they do this. To start with, it helps to make sure that the punishment is as severe as possible, as the higher number of charges, the higher amount of time that must be served. Also, should the defendant find a quality drug defense attorney, he or she may be able to get some of the charges dropped for lack of evidence. The idea is that at least some of the charges will stick. There is also the chance that the defendant will go in without any legal representation and not realize that they could fight some of the charges and then every charge will stick.

This is why it is so important for you to have a skilled drug defense attorney take a look at everything you are being charged with. If there are some charges that seem unwarranted due to lack of proof or that seem to be a duplicate to another charge, he or she can speak directly to the judge about having those particular charges removed.

  • As you can see, there are some good reasons to make sure that you are obtaining an experienced and reputable drug defense attorney should you ever find yourself faced with such criminal charges.


15 October 2015

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