The Abcs Of Probation: Understanding Your Fate


If you have been put on probation, the intention of the justice system is to both punish and observe you. The ultimate goal of the punishment is to ensure that you will be able to act as a contributing member of society, even when you are no longer under supervision of a probation officer. Understanding the basic components of probation will help to ensure that you are able to re-enter mainstream society smoothly.

Conditions of Probation

If you have been placed on probation, there are likely conditions associated with it. For instance, you might not be allowed to use or own a firearm if have been accused of a violent crime. You may be ordered not to stay out after 10 p.m., or to maintain solid employment in the interim. You may not be permitted to consume alcohol, and you may be asked to take a drug test at random. Some probations even require individuals to avoid certain people, such as a victim of violence or a gang member.

Different Types of Probation

Depending on the scenario surrounding your conviction, you may be placed on different types of probation. These include unsupervised probation, during which the individual is not assigned a probation officer and the probation is self-monitored. This type of probation is pretty rare and only used with crimes not considered serious.

Supervised probation is the most common type of probation, requiring the individual to follow rules and meet with a probation officer regularly. Treatment programs and community service are common under supervised probation.

Punishment for Violation

What happens if you violate probation? Each case is different. Your probation officer will look at the type of crime you have been convicted of, the nature of your probation violation, and your local laws. While punishment differs from person to person, it often includes a fine, extended probation period, or jail time. Violating probation can result in more severe consequences than the original charge itself.

Do You Need a Lawyer while on Probation?

For many reasons, you may consider hiring a lawyer when you are on probation. For instance, you may experience something beyond your control, like an illness or death. These circumstances could prevent you from getting to work or school on time, resulting in a tardy or absence that is reported to your probation officer. A criminal defense lawyer can help battle issues like this in court. Without having total understanding of the punishment, you may land yourself further into trouble.


29 September 2015

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